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At Bristol Missionary Church we are committed to proclaiming the Gospel Of Jesus Christ and maturing in our faith by engaging in the Word of God, in each other’s lives, in our community and in the world. 





For the most part we're pretty casual with most people wearing everyday street clothes. Don't feel you have to wear a dress or a tie unless you want to.

What should I wear?
Is there child care?

Yes! We have wonderful volunteers who will help check your child in and make sure they have a great experience while you are worshiping with us. 

What kind of music do you sing?

Our music is led by a worship band and we sing mostly modern worship music with an older song or hymn thrown in from time to time.  

How long does your service last?

Generally, our service runs for about an hour. Sometimes maybe a few minutes past an hour. Get there early to grab a cup of coffee and hang around afterward to connect with people and get info on what's happening at BMC.